Working as a Freelancer is Pretty Amazing. Here’s Why You Should Try It.

The Benefits of Working as a Freelancer

There are plenty of benefits of working as a freelancer that most remote workers can agree on. But not all remote jobs are the same, so what some people who work remotely consider normal, others may raise an eyebrow at. But there are some things that should be true for nearly everyone who’s self-employed.

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You Can Work on Your Own Schedule

One of the absolute best things about working from home is the ability to wake up and get to work whenever you want to. Everyone who works in an office has to hit the snooze button multiple times every morning as they attempt to wake up and hop in their car to sit in traffic for an hour before arriving at work before 9 am. But when you’re a freelancer? Say goodbye to the alarm clock and hello to working along with your body’s natural sleep cycle.

You Can Eat Whatever TF You Want, Wherever TF You Want, Whenever TF You Want.

Another con to working in an office environment is how the whole lunch break hour works. Either you dash out the door, jump in your car and hightail it to the nearest drive-thru where everyone else is sitting and waiting for their food since they all have lunch at around the same time. Or, you bring something in your brown bag (or Tupperware) and sit in the break room with your coworkers, regretting not spending more time preparing your lunch the night before as you eat your 3rd PB&J of the week. But when you’re working as a freelancer from home, you don’t have to worry about offending anyone’s sense of smell by cooking stinky fish in a room full of people – you can cook the smelliest damn fish you can find and eat it while you lay in bed if that’s what you want to do.

All the Peace and Quiet

Ah, yes, one of the main reasons that a lot of introverts choose to go into a position where they can work remotely: the peace and quiet that comes along with having zero people around you while you type away at your computer. No more having to deal with that one creepy guy in your office who always compliments the way your hair smells. Never again will you have to attend Christmas parties and buy presents for people you can’t stand. Say goodbye to listening to your incompetent boss yell about how his coffee isn’t hot enough for him.

You Can Wear Anything

Depending on the job you have or the kind of work you do, you may pretty much be able to wear anything that you want. Some remote jobs may require you to be on camera, so it’s up to each particular company and depends on the situation, but for the most part – you’re free to wear whatever you like. And, even if you’re required to be on camera, there’s a good chance they aren’t seeing you from the feet up, so you can always, always wear fuzzy slippers. Click here for some outfit hacks for ESL teachers.

You Can Hang Out All Day With Your Furry Office Buddies

While some offices have a resident dog or cat, it’s not very typical. But when you’re working as a freelancer and your office is in your living room, your 4-legged fur-butt friend can sit with you throughout your day. Plus, when you’re ready to take a break from staring at the computer screen, you can walk around the neighborhood together. Cats cuddled up on the lap make excellent stress relievers, too, when you’re having a rough day. If you’re looking to adopt a furry family member of your own, you can check out to begin your search for rescue animals in your area!

Check out some of the upside downsides to working from home next. Whether they’re pros or cons is entirely up to you!

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