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Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial in determining your brand’s presence on Google. Google is the most visited website in the world. It sees around 100,000 searches per second, and yet more than 90% of people conducting those searches won’t ever make it past the first page of search results (SERPs.) So as a business owner, you want to make sure you’re covering all angles when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, which includes optimizing your web content. Social media marketing and paid search marketing are helpful too, but SEO can continue to drive organic traffic to your website time and time again, long after the original content has been created.

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Why You Need SEO For Your Website

Every section of your website can, and should, be optimized for both search engines and humans. If you over-optimize for Google’s crawlers, your visitors may not enjoy the way everything is laid out. And, if you don’t optimize enough, you’ll never see the first page of SERPs, and you’ll never know that sweet rush that comes along with a major spike in organic traffic, which only stems from SEO.

Organic Traffic Is The Best Kind of Traffic

When you look at your website’s analytics, you’ve got five different points of origin for your traffic: social, direct, referral, other, and organic. Social traffic is everyone that’s coming through links found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and any other social media platform. Direct traffic is when someone types your site’s address into their browser bar, referral traffic comes through when someone clicks a hyperlink from another blog or website, and organic is when someone types a keyword into Google or another major search engine and finds and clicks on your site from within the search results.

Earn Passive Income

When you’ve got a steady flow of organic traffic coming through your site from a killer SEO strategy and your site is set up to sell digital or physical products, or you’re promoting affiliate content, optimizing that site can earn you money while you sleep. Once you’ve got plenty of content out there and long after you’ve made the initial efforts (or investment,) that traffic will become steadier and will continue to increase over time. Plus, unlike traffic from social media, you don’t have to keep sharing the content to see the traffic (but sharing your content is also never a bad idea.)

Drive Local Sales

Online business isn’t the only reason why you need SEO for your website. If you sell products and/or services locally, it can also help you to build a stronger presence for your brand in your own community. Search engine optimization can be targeted to drive traffic from a particular place just by using the right keywords and phrases.

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Google is the Most Popular Website in the World

Over 93% of online transactions begin with a search engine, and Google is the one that’s used most throughout the world, holding over 90% of the current market. That means that if you want to boost your online sales, you need to make sure that your brand’s page is being found when your potential customers are searching for the products and services you have to offer on Google. Let’s say you offer interior design services in Houston. When someone types “interior designers in Houston,” into that search bar, you want them to find your page, and fast. Your aim is for your ideal client base to find you and come to your website before they find your competitors.

SEO Makes for Great Content Marketing

Whether you’re working with copy on your landing page or blog posts, each should be optimized for both search engines and humans. If you’ve got engaging content on your website that is helpful and relevant to your customers and/or potential customers, they’re going to want to stick around and learn more about what else you have to offer them, which gives you a greater chance at turning that potential customer into an actual sale. The more optimized content you put out there, the higher your ranking on Google will be and the more traffic you’ll see on your site.

Build Trust Among Customers

Unlike some types of advertising, there is nothing sleazy about SEO when it’s done right. As long as you’re using keywords that are relevant to what your business is actually about and you’re building up that presence on Google, it shows your target market what it is you have to offer. If you continue to put out content that helps your audience, you’re eventually going to build up some trust with them, which will help you create lasting relationships with long-term customers.

Boost Domain Authority

Not only will putting out that solid content shows your customers what you’re all about, but it will also do the same with Google’s search crawlers. The more content you release that includes keywords and phrases related to what you’re trying to rank for, the stronger your domain authority will become. Domain authority is basically the reputation your website has with Google, which helps to determine your spot in the SERPs.

See Why You Need SEO for Your Website?

Optimizing your website for search engines isn’t going to produce overnight results, but once it does start to drive that traffic, it’s going to be a steady flow and you won’t be disappointed in the ROI. Looking for more ways to drive more visitors to your site? Try Pinterest!

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