The Best Online Business Ideas for Introverts

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Being an introvert can be like the dragon and the dove at times, especially when it comes to finding a career that you enjoy and that doesn’t kill your soul. The good news is, the ability to earn a full-time income, and beyond, from home expands with every day that passes by. Owning a virtual business is an excellent way to control your future as an introvert and avoid any unnecessary or unwanted face-to-face interactions when it comes to working. Here are some of the best online business ideas for introverts. Happy earning!

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The Best Online Business Ideas for Introverts

When you’re thinking about what online business could work best for you, make sure to take into consideration your strengths, skills, and desires. This is your business, so make it something that’s truly unique to you. Do something you’re good at that’s going to make you happy in the long run! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Transcription Work

Transcription work is excellent for introverts! There’s very little human interaction, and you get to work from home. You can get your start with this kind of work on sites like Rev, and you can also offer your services on freelance “gig” sites, like Fiverr.

Freelance Graphic Design

If you’re skilled in creating different types of graphics, like logos and social media posts, you can make a business out of it. Show off your work on all of your social media pages, and offer your services on Fiverr and other freelance sites. If you don’t have any current samples of your work or experience, but you’re still interested in becoming a graphic designer, you can sign up for an (unpaid) 10-week internship on GenM and gain experience and credentials while working for established professionals!

Virtual Assistant

Depending on what type of company or who you’re working for, this job may not require much actual interaction aside from the online kind. Start your own virtual assistant business and achieve your dream of running your own successful digital company while helping others realize their dreams, too!


Writing is a wonderful job for an introvert who has a way with words. If that’s you, you can get into the industry by submitting your work to sites like Medium. You can also open up gigs on Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. If you have a big personal network, you can offer your services to friends and family and tell them to spread the word.

Freelance Photography

If you haven’t noticed, it’s all about the images in today’s world. If you’ve got photography skills and you can take pictures of food, animals, or anything that people would want for their websites and blogs, etc, you can sell them on stock photo websites. Starting a freelance photography business in 2020 has some serious potential!

Etsy Store

If you’re artistic, you can open up an Etsy shop where you can sell your designs and products to an entire community of people looking for awesome handmade and one-of-a-kind stuff. If you take a look around the site, you’ll notice that you can sell anything from digital downloads to homemade candles and everything in between.


With all of the wonderful tools available at the moment, like Etsy, eBay, etc, reselling is something you can make good money doing. If you’ve got an eye for a good deal, keep an eye on sites like Craigslist where people sell things cheaply, and resell the items on the sites where you can list them for more money.


Ghostwriting is a perfect job for introverts who literally want zero recognition from the public, yet still want to get paid well and work from home. To get started, make sure you’ve got a solid portfolio of writing you can show potential clients. Then, offer your services to your own network (build a LinkedIn if you don’t have one) and on Upwork, etc.

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Software Development

If you’ve got coding skills, or if you’re interested in learning how to code, you can start an online business as a freelance software developer. Creating apps, etc, can make you a ton of money these days. Developers are in demand, and if you think this is something you’d do well at, you could be earning $100,000/year or more from home!


Blogging is one of the best online business ideas for introverts who enjoy writing, web design, and marketing. It’s not something that you can jump right into and expect to earn a living right away, but if you can stick with it in the long run and stay consistent, it can be very lucrative! There are a ton of different ways you can earn money from blogging, including both selling and promoting different types of products and services. If you’ve already got a blog that you’re looking to improve and expand, check this out next!

Affiliate Marketing

If you already have a blog, or if you’ve got a solid personal network and/or a lot of followers on social media, you can start an affiliate marketing business. Earn money from home through multiple streams by sharing your affiliate links whenever a relevant opportunity presents itself. Most companies have affiliate programs, you just have to check out their websites! You can also join bigger affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliates.


Proofreading is one of the best online business ideas for introverts who really want to limit human interaction to a minimum. You can offer freelance proofreading services through websites like Fiverr and UpWork. You can also join a site like Scribe Media until you build up a client base of your own.

Virtual Bookkeeping

If you’re good with numbers, you may want to consider starting an online bookkeeping business. There is a lot of money to be made in helping small businesses and individuals with their taxes and other types of finances. The going rate for a bookkeeper runs between $30-$50/hour.

Publishing and/or Self-Publishing

If you love to write and you’ve got the time to lay your ideas down in the form of e-books, you can self-publish multiple places online and earn money from your books. Sites to consider when you’ve got a finished product are Amazon, LuLu, and Blurb. You can also sell your books on your own website and social media.

Social Media Management

The title may have the word “social” in it, but that doesn’t mean social media management isn’t a great choice for an introvert’s online business. If you’re good at building and maintaining a following on any of the major platforms, you can turn it into a full-time career!

Coaching or Consulting

Are you an expert on a marketable topic? And before you answer that, think about what’s really marketable right now. Make a list of things you’re skilled at, preferably things you’ve taught someone in the past, and start outlining a course. Perhaps you can offer some type of strategy calls. Then, film a series of webinars and/or create an e-mail marketing course and launch your new online business!

T-Shirt Store

T-shirts are one of the easiest things to sell. If you’re artistic and you keep an eye on what’s trending around the world, you can launch a t-shirt store without spending any money at all! Sites like Spreadshirt make it possible to get your business going for free!

Travel Agency

While it may be true that a ton of people are lining up their own vacations these days, there are still plenty who choose to use travel agents, as well. If you’re good at finding deals and setting up things like reservations and schedules, starting a virtual travel business could be perfect for you!

Resume Writing

Having a specialty is a great way for an online business to stand out above the rest. There are loads of “freelance writers” all over the place just chomping at the bit to get that client before you. If you specialize in, say, writing resumes, it’s easier to market and build your brand. Create some excellent examples of your work, or offer to write some resumes for friends and family to get started, and create your own website and/or sell your services on Upwork and other freelance sites.

Virtual Styling

If you’re a fan of fashion you can start your own online business as a stylist! You can use platforms like Poshmark to sell different types of outfits and accessories. If you’re interested in getting started as a stylist with someone else’s company first and you live in a metro area, you may be able to get on board with Stich Fix to gain some experience!

Starting Your Online Business

Whichever one of these businesses you choose, you can always come back to Mondays in PJs for resources and inspiration. Check out our online business section for free tips and tools on getting started and growing your brand. And don’t forget to sign up for PJ Nation below so you can be the first to hear when exciting new content is released!

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