How to Stay Cozy When it’s Cold Outside

Just because it’s freezing outside, doesn’t mean you have to be. Snuggle up with a warm cup of whatever it is that you like to drink and check out these easy ways you can stay cozy all season long.

How to stay cozy when it's cold outside, Mondays in PJs
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How to Stay Cozy When it’s Cold AF Outside

Coziness is more than just staying warm. It’s about all of the senses and feeling your most comfortable and relaxed. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have no problems staying warm and cozy!

Stay Warm and Comfy in Leggings

Leggings are amazing in so many ways, but the buttery soft kind are something spectacular. Don’t let anyone tell you that leggings aren’t pants. If you want to wear them as pants, you go right ahead. But they’re also very versatile and easy to layer. They feel (and look) especially great with a big tunic sweater and tall boots. If you want your leggings to be a bit warmer and more substantial, you can always opt for fleece-lined.

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If you have sensitive skin, or if you just prefer natural fabrics, you may not be a big leggings fan since a lot of them are made out of polyester blends. Luckily, you can find them in all-cotton (with some spandex for stretch) and/or viscose, like these Eileen Fisher leggings that you can get from Amazon.

Warm Up With Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Sure, you can go to the café and spend $5 every time you want to taste the deliciousness that is the pumpkin spice latte. Or, you can make your own fall-friendly coffee at home for a fraction of the price (and you don’t have to put on pants.) You can achieve the perfect cup in a few different ways: buy pumpkin spice creamer and add it to your regular joe, or buy the actual flavored coffee.

Keep a Stash of Tea

Maybe you don’t like coffee, or maybe you prefer coffee in the morning and tea at night. A good cup of tea can do everything that coffee can, more actually, since the right kind of tea (ahem, chamomile) can really relax you. Then again, if you’re looking for an energy blast but you still want your tea to keep you nice and cozy, a steaming cup of Earl Grey, green tea or Oolong works perfectly.

Take Hot Baths to Relax

There’s nothing quite like climbing into a hot tub on a cool fall night. Baths can do wonders for your body and your mind since you can soak away both mental and physical stress. But even if you feel great and your only reason for wanting to take a bath is because it feels freakin’ awesome, why not? And if you want your experience to be even more incredible, try kicking things up a notch by infusing your bath with different ingredients to suit your mood.

Wear Fuzzy Socks Under Boots

Woohoo! Fuzzy socks are back, baby! What’s not to love about these things? You can wear them around the house to stay cozy this fall, of course, but you can also wear them under your shoes when you go out (depending on your shoes,) so that you’ve got this super soft fuzzy layer on your feet that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds. And for the sake of sticking with the Mondays in PJs theme: if you work from home, you can legit wear fuzzy socks all the time. Woohoo!

Light Up The Scented Candles

To be cozy means so much more than for your body to simply be at the right temperature. Coziness is about all of your senses working together to tell your brain you’re living in pure bliss. Choose your favorite autumn-themed scents and invest in some scented candles to keep your place smelling wonderful. Warm, spicy scents like cinnamon, or themed candles like this one from Yankee Candle Co., work well for the fall.

Use an Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are another wonderful way to cozy up the atmosphere in any home. Oils come in all kinds of delicious scents, and you can find a diffuser that suits your tastes. They’re made in all different shapes and themes, and a lot of them have LED lights that lend to the room’s ambiance too.

Keep a Hoodie With You at All Times

Hoodies are amazing for so many reasons. They’re incredibly comfortable, you can layer them and wear them on a fall night or a winter day, they are perfect for going incognito when you need to run to the store but don’t want to bother getting ready. Plus, if they’re big enough, you can throw one over a t-shirt and a pair of leggings and call it a day. Is there really any outfit that’s better to keep you cozy while you lounge than leggings and a hoodie?

Make Slow Cooker Stews

It’s that time of year again when turning on the Crockpot makes sense, and you’ve got some recipes stored up that you’ve been dying to try all summer. Slow-cooked stews are not only full of flavor, but they’re also very easy to make. If you want to stay cozy this fall, just toss your ingredients in after your coffee in the morning, flip it on low heat and you’ve got dinner waiting for you when you’re ready for it! Not sure what to make? Check out this great recipe for root vegetable stew.

CBD Everything

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive chemical found in the marijuana plant. This means that it offers all of the medicinal benefits of the plant without causing you to feel “high,” like THC does. Taking CBD on a regular basis is wonderful for your body and mind. It comes in all kinds of forms, like edibles and oil that you can drop on your tongue or mix into your coffee, etc. Note: make sure that CBD is legal in your area before attempting to purchase.

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