Savvy Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs to Help you Improve Your Brand’s Online Presence

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Social media is one of the main ways that people in the modern world interact with one another. Which, as a business owner, means that there are countless opportunities at your fingertips to grow your brand. Using these networks effectively can help your business to flourish, all without you ever having to leave the house. Here are a few social media tips for entrepreneurs to help you improve your brand’s online presence.

Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs to Help Improve Your Brand’s Online Presence

Make social media work to your advantage, and use it to connect with your ideal customer base! Each platform offers different features and caters to a different crowd, so figure out where it is you’ll flourish, set up camp and get to work!

Choose Which Platforms to Use and Commit

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When you just start out on your social media networking journey, you may be tempted to make a profile on every single site that you come across. Sure, you could do this, but in reality, it’s better to have just a few that you can fully commit to building up. Think about which platforms may work best for you, and where you will find most of your target market.

If you’re a writer who has no interest in creating videos, it may not make sense for you to start a YouTube channel. Instead, you may have better luck with building up a professional Facebook page and/or group. Another thing to consider when choosing which platforms to use for your business is where your target audience will most likely be. If you want to connect with millennials, you’ll find most of them on Facebook. As of 2018, it was the single most used social media platform among the age group, according to market research studies.

Use LinkedIn to Market Yourself Professionally

This really can’t be stressed enough, as it’s one of the most important social media tips for entrepreneurs. A LinkedIn profile is a crucial tool for any and all professionals today to have. This platform is a wonderful place to connect with relevant individuals in your industry. Having a profile here will help you improve your brand’s online presence and build more of a rapport with potential clients.

Create a Linkedin Profile for Your Business

If you’ve already got a business up and running and you’re making sales, even if you’re operating as a solopreneur, you should create a page for your brand on Linkedin. It’s another great (and free) opportunity to solidify your presence on social media, and when a potential client goes to search for your business on the professional network, there will be something for them to see. LinkedIn has been one of the top drivers when it comes to traffic for this site. Try to post at least a couple of times per week on your page to keep followers engaged.

Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram can increase the number of people who see your content by a long shot. Adding relevant hashtags to your posts means that anyone who searches out those keywords is likely to stumble onto your page – at least, much more likely than if you don’t add that extra layer of pizazz.

Pro tip: figure out which hashtags are trending before you make your post and create something that’s relevant enough to at least one of them so you can use it to boost views. Don’t use them just because they’re trending, but instead, use your incredible storytelling abilities to work one into something that you already want to say to your audience.

Post Content Your Readers Are Interested In

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This may sound like a no-brainer when it comes to listing out social media tips for entrepreneurs, but you would be surprised at how many campaigns fail due to a lack of interesting (or relative) content. If you’re a beauty blogger who is trying to build a following that’s interested in your mad makeup skills, you don’t want to suddenly start posting book reviews, unless you’re planning on tying it into your content somehow.

Post Regularly

The recommended times per day to post vary across different platforms. For instance, posting once per day is sufficient for a Facebook or Instagram page, but you want to post at least 15-20 times on Twitter since the feed moves so quickly. Whichever number you decide works best for your brand and schedule, try and be as consistent as possible with it.

Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic

Pinterest often gets overlooked when considering which social media platforms to use for marketing purposes, but it can actually work just as well, if not better than, Facebook or Twitter for your business. Perhaps one of the main selling points for Pinterest is that when you create a pin, it lasts forever. A pin can continue driving traffic to your site for years and years after its original creation, which isn’t something you can say about a Tweet. Check out my other post to see why else you need to be using Pinterest for your business.

Use Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest

If you use either Instagram or Pinterest for marketing your business, you definitely need to try Tailwind. It’s a social media scheduling suite that makes it easy to post weeks, or even month’s worth of content ahead of time so that you don’t fall behind. It also gives you the option to create a Smart Bio link on your Instagram. The Smart Bio lets you create a custom landing page where you can insert links directly to the individual post (or page) behind your Insta pic. You can try Tailwind for free for 30 days so you can create your own landing page without spending a dime! And yes, you do get to keep it even after your free trial is up.

Use Appealing Visuals to Create Engagement

Studies show that images both attract and engage more people than written content. We’re also able to remember images associated with information for much longer than we can remember strings of words alone. This means that you should be using plenty of photos, videos, infographics, and other types of visuals to amplify all of your posts. See our downloads section for our 12-pack of fully customizable professional graphics for your social media pages.

Use Different Material on Each Platform

Chances are, someone who follows your page on one platform will also be interested to look you up on others. The last thing you want to do is copy and paste the same exact thing in every post across all of your profiles. Plus, what works on one platform isn’t necessarily going to work on the next. You can post a GIF on Twitter, but that really wouldn’t fly on LinkedIn where people expect posts that have a bit more substance and prefer something more like infographics.

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