10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Vegan Businesses

Social media marketing for vegan businesses is an excellent way to engage with your audience and connect with a whole new world of potential customers! Google recently reported a 5,000% increase in searches for ‘vegan food near me,’ in 2021. In addition, the vegan beauty market is on the rise and is projected to reach $21.4 billion by 2027.

social media marketing for vegan businesses

Social Media Marketing for Vegan Businesses

Nearly 4.5 billion people around the world use social media. And, for vegan businesses, it’s an excellent way to spread your message, expand your brand, and generate more revenue. So, how can you utilize the different platforms to grow and promote your brand in a way that allows you to truly connect with your market?

1. Jump on the Meta Train

Meta is everywhere these days. Be sure to look out for opportunities in and utilize these virtual spaces. Create organic content at least a few times per week (3-5 is ideal,) and boost posts that perform well to expand your reach.

2. Create More Short-Form Video

Consumers have short attention spans, and since around 80% of digital content is video, you’ll definitely want to up your vid game to reach more of your target audience and increase your revenue. A combination of visuals and audio is a powerful way to enhance social media marketing for vegan businesses. Starting a YouTube channel to host your videos and sharing them to other platforms can also help you expand your brand’s reach and engage with more of your ideal audience.

3. Sell on Social

Do you sell vegan beauty or wellness products? Social commerce is on the rise, making it easier than ever to sell your products directly from your social media platforms. Ewid allows you to create your own social stores for FREE! Boost your reach and your revenue by setting up your social shop today.

4. Optimize for Voice Search

voice search optimization

A large percentage of search queries on Google are voice searches. In fact, 58% of American consumers use voice search to find information on local businesses. Use concise, conversational content and focus on local search results when optimizing your content. Another great way to optimize your site for voice searches is by creating an FAQ page full of SEO-friendly snippets! Learn more about optimizing your content for voice search here.

5. Create Informative Marketing Content

When it comes to your web and social copy, create content that will be of value to your target market. Use tutorials, infographics, and educational blog posts and videos to generate a buzz for your vegan business while also giving customers (and potential customers) what they need.

6. Give Them a Behind-The-Scenes Peek

Give your customers a reason to choose your brand over any other in your niche. Show them the humans behind the brand. Post-behind-the-scenes pictures/videos and ‘about us’ quips to help them get to know you better!

7. Be Authentic

Consumers are becoming more and more conscious, and reaching for products that they know are beneficial to both themselves, other animals, and the environment. People are waking up, and they don’t want some sugar-coated sales pitch, they want authenticity. So give it to them!

8. Connect With Influencers

influencer marketing for vegan businesses

Nearly 50% of social media users depend on influencer recommendations through social media. There are plenty of influencers out there who’d be perfect for boosting social media marketing for vegan businesses. Reach out to influencers you think maybe a good match to expand your audience!

9. Automate Messaging on Meta

It was recently announced that automated messaging has become a possibility throughout your Meta business suite, which includes both Facebook and Instagram. Activating this feature allows you to give your customers the help they need without having to check your messages every 30-minutes! Learn how to set up your automatic messaging here.

10. Bring in the Pros!

If you’re too busy focusing on other aspects of your business, or just don’t have the time or resources to improve your strategy, a conscious social media manager can help you keep your online presence blossoming.

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