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Pinterest is a massive search engine that’s capable of driving targeted traffic to your site, time, and time again. While it’s true that it’s a very visual tool, it still acts just like Google in the sense that it allows your potential customers to find you and access your site via backlinks. To see all of the benefits of Pinterest marketing services for businesses, check out our post, 12 Reasons you Should be Using Pinterest for your Business.

MIP Digital Pinterest Marketing Services for Businesses

While it may be one of the best ways to reach your target market online and expand your business’s presence on Google, the problem with Pinterest marketing is that it takes a lot of time and effort to get results. In order to see a noticeable increase in traffic, you need to post more often than you do on other platforms. You may be able to see some conversions posting on Instagram once per day, but that won’t fly on Pinterest.

The Posting Process

Once we onboard you, we’ll get you up and running within a matter of days. We’ll act as your dedicated Pinterest marketing and SEO expert. We’ll post three pins per day, M-F. Each pin includes engaging and relevant stock photos, SEO-packed, actionable descriptions, and backlinks to the URL of your choice. We will include at least one video pin per week.

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