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Gender-Neutral Gifts to Give The People You Care About The Coziest Season Ever

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Being cozy is one of the greatest feelings in the world. But to be cozy means so much more than to be warm and toasty. It involves all of your senses. It’s the smell of cinnamon and spice and the crackling noises that come from the fireplace…or a white noise machine that’s emulating one. It’s the taste of pumpkin pie sprinkled with nutmeg, or a steamy hot but refreshing peppermint tea. Show friends and family how much you care this season by contributing to their ultimate coziness with one of these great gender-neutral gifts that anyone would be thrilled to receive!

Cozy Gender-Neutral Gifts to Make Someone Very Happy

Honestly, who doesn’t love to be cozy? Is there any better feeling than that warm, fuzzy, nostalgia that is coziness? Make someone’s day, no, season, no YEAR, with one of these awesome gifts. Bonus? You’ll stay cozy, too, since you can buy them all on Amazon and completely avoid putting on pants. Score! And, you’ll probably want to snag something on the list for yourself, too.

Starry Blanket

Who doesn’t love wrapping themselves up in a soft, warm blanket to watch movies when it’s cold outside? Or to drift off to sleep? Or just because. This Starry Night-themed throw is the perfect blend of cozy and cool.

Fire TV Cube with Alexa

Get hands-free streaming in 4k and Ultra HD with the Fire TV Cube with Alexa. With one of these, you can stay cozy in your blanket while you watch your favorites from streaming sites like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, and more!

Plush Robe

Slipping into a nice, cozy robe after a hot shower or bath provides the ultimate in luxury for anyone at any time of the day or night.

White Noise Machine

White noise can help you doze off, and it can help you stay asleep throughout the night. Give the gift of a good night’s sleep with a white noise machine. These are especially great for people who live in apartments or other areas where they may be dealing with external noise when they’re trying to sleep.

Espresso Maker

Make the coffee lover in your life super happy this season and for many more seasons to come. Who wouldn’t love to be able to make themselves a steaming hot cappuccino without ever leaving the house? It doesn’t get much cozier than that! A personal espresso machine is one of the best gender-neutral gifts for anyone who’s a fan of lattes.

Heated Seat Cover

Keep your loved ones warm and cozy wherever they are this season with this heavenly heated seat cover. It can be used anywhere, from home to the office and the car. You may want to pick up an extra for yourself, too because everyone should have one of these things pretty much everywhere they go when it’s cold outside! (Or if you’re the type of person who just runs cold.)

The Keurig

And, staying in the same category for a moment: coffee lovers, let’s take a look at the Keurig. This thing is amazing for those who live alone, or who don’t drink much coffee in the mornings and may just want a cup or two. But they’re also great for those that drink a ton of coffee and want to make cups all day. Pop in a K-cup and some water, press a button, wait a few seconds and boom, you’ve got a steaming hot cup of your favorite coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate.)

Personal Masseuse

Everyone deals with back pain at some point. Or, we just need a little stress relief. And boy do we get it in the form of this awesome little gadget, which offers both heat settings and Shiatsu massage on-demand.

Crystal Wine Glasses

Everyone has a friend (or five) who loves their wine. Why not gift them with a nice set of crystal glasses to host their next pour? This set comes with four, which seems like the more logical choice over sets of three. What if you’ve got a fourth friend over who wants to drink? Will you hand them a …gasp… a cup of wine? Or, what if one gets broken and you need a replacement? Oh and, these things are 100% lead-free. Can you believe they still even make wine glasses with lead in them? Yikes.

Awesome Candle Holder

This log candle holder will make any room of the house feel cozier throughout the season. Make sure to include some tea-light candles in your gift to get them started. The battery-operated versions look great, and they don’t pose any fire risk. Although this candle holder would work in a lot of different spots, it goes especially well inside a fireplace that isn’t being used.

Spicy Scented Candle

This coconut wax bamboo candle from Voluspa Moso will add coziness to any room at any time, all within a matter of minutes. Scented candles are amazing for lifting the mood and inspiring feelings of peace and nostalgia. And this one smells so amazing that it’s earned its place on the list of best gender-neutral gifts for the holidays. But really, this would make a great gift for any occasion! Did I mention it burns for 100 hours? 100 hours of cozy time for the win!

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the best thing to have to stay cozy all year long, especially when it’s cold outside. For just $39/3 months or $119/year, you can give the gift of free 1 or 2-day shipping on almost everything. Plus free movies, shows, music, and Kindle books on demand. That’s as close as your friend is going to get to manifesting something straight out of thin air. Unless your friend is a magician. Not convinced that Prime is as incredible as it sounds? Try it free for 30 days and discover the benefits for yourself.

Sore Muscle Relief Bath Bombs

These scientifically formulated bath bombs are perfect for runners and people who hit the gym on a regular basis. But, they’re also great for those that wind up with sore muscles frequently from their day job and need some relief and relaxation. Give a soothing and healing experience with this 6-pack from World Fitters. Honestly, these things make one of the best gender-neutral gifts in any season.

Viscose (Bamboo) Sheets

Viscose is an organic fabric made from bamboo. Besides being 100% natural, it’s moisture-wicking and cooling, so these sheets are perfect for those that run hot at night. Don’t worry, they can still keep you warm and cozy during the cooler months, they just also prevent you from becoming uncomfortably hot.

Customizable Travel Mug

Everyone needs a good travel mug. Even if you or the person you’re gifting works from home, chances are they’re still bound to go somewhere where they’d like to bring a drink along. Or maybe they just want to keep their drink near their computer without the fear of it toppling over and spilling onto it. With this personalized insulated travel mug, they can keep their hot coffee or tea steamy for much longer!

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