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Blogging is a great way to earn money online. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to earn in several ways from one convenient place. How much you earn will depend on a number of factors, like what your view counts look like, and the types of things or services you’re selling. But there are plenty of different ways to monetize a blog to set yourself up for earning multiple streams of income from home.

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Here are a few Different Ways to Monetize a Blog

Making substantial money through blogging isn’t something that happens overnight. But if you implement enough ways of earning and continue to grow it, it’s definitely possible. Here are some of the ways to monetize a blog and make money off of your website.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which will provide Mondays in PJs a commission, at no cost to you, if you choose to follow through with these offers.

Sell Physical Products

There are a few different ways you can use your blog as a platform to sell physical products. The simplest would probably be using an e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce, which makes everything from setting up your storefront to shipping a breeze.

Sell Services

One of the quickest ways to monetize a blog is by using it to sell your services. For instance, I sell complete SEO ghost blogging packages on this site. If you’re a freelance graphic designer and you’re great with logos or Photoshop, create a services page and detail your offerings and prices. Then, give your readers a way to contact you if they’re interested, like by using a contact form and including your email address and/or phone number.

Affiliate Marketing

Whether you just launched your site today or you’ve been up and running for several years, affiliate marketing is one of the best (and easiest) ways to monetize a blog effectively. This can happen in all different forms, and you can partner with a wide variety of businesses, from entrepreneurs selling their services to huge retailers like Target. Most of these companies will have an affiliate section on the footer of their website where you can go to apply. If you don’t see anything, you can always send them a message and ask them directly.

Woman's hand holding $100
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You can also join an affiliate marketing network like Share a Sale, where you will only need to apply once and then you simply use their platform to get all of your affiliate links from hundreds of different businesses.

Create a Resources Page

Creating a resources page can be super helpful, both to you and your readers. To your readers, you’re giving them an easy way to find and access tools to help them in their own business ventures. And for you, it can be a good opportunity to include affiliate links. Unlike posts, which are dated, a resources page can be a solid and consistent way of making money from your blog.

Sell E-books

Selling e-books is an excellent way to earn money from your blog. It may take some time to get your book put together, but once you have something that you think your readers will enjoy, your work will be a great way to earn a passive income from your website. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll still have to put effort (or money) into marketing so that people know your book exists and you create some interest in it if you really plan on making good money from it.


Depending on what type of website you have, selling ad space and enrolling in pay-per-click programs may be one of the best ways for you to monetize. There are several of them out there, including my personal favorite,, and Google AdSense. You’ll get access to banner codes that you can place throughout your site. Just keep in mind that people don’t want to be bombarded with ads, and if you use too many of them, you’re likely to turn visitors off. Try and keep them to a minimum, and as relevant as possible to your content. A bunch of flashing ads for online casinos on your health and wellness blog probably wouldn’t do very well.

Sell Live Coaching Sessions

Do you have some type of skill that’s in-demand these days? If it’s something you’re able to teach online, selling one-on-one live coaching sessions is a good way to monetize your blog. Create a services page on your website, where you can display the descriptions of what you have to offer and how much you charge. You can use some type of software like Skype or Zoom to host your coaching sessions.

Members Only

Reserved card
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One of the other great ways to monetize a blog by means of content is to offer a membership section of your site. This usually works by having members pay a monthly recurring fee in order to access the upgraded content. You can use anything from behind-the-scenes images and videos to downloadable or printable items. There are several content-restriction and members-only plugins available to help you get your VIP section going.

Sponsored Posts

Whether you have a readership of 500 per week or 15,000 per week, sponsored posts are a great way to earn money from your site – as long as it’s something you feel confident selling on your blog, anyway. In order to earn money through sponsored posts, you’ll need to reach out to brands directly, which can be a bit awkward since you’re hitting them up and asking them to pay you. But, if you can deliver value and the product or service is a good match for your site, it’s worth a shot! Here’s a great article about how to pitch brands for sponsorships.


Asking for donations may not work for certain types of blogs, but if you have a tight-knit community and you feel confident in asking, you can use a plugin like Charitable or Give to give readers the option. Generally, this type of monetization works best if you’re operating a non-profit organization and you know that your community supports your mission and wants to help out.


Tip jar
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If you’re an individual blogger and you feel strange about asking for donations, you also have the option of using a plugin like Tip Jar WP, which allows you to implement shortcode that will add a form on to posts or pages of your choice that lets readers leave tips if they so choose.

Sell Courses

If you’ve got marketable skills and the know-how to lay them out for others, you can make some decent money from your blog by selling online courses. For example, if you’re a freelance photographer, you can make a mini-course about how to take stellar photos of food, or the best selfie, etc. No matter what topic you choose, you can turn it into a profitable course by using something like Udemy.

Digital Products

Maybe you don’t necessarily want to create entire courses, but you’re still interested in ways to monetize your blog by selling different types of digital products. There are multiple products you can sell digitally on your site depending on your abilities. Some things to consider include photos, software, videos, and sound clips.

More Ways to Monetize Your Blog and Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Do you have your new services pages and plugins all set up and ready to go to make money off of your website? There’s still one major factor in seeing that money come in: you need to drive more traffic to your site. Check out my article about how to optimize your site for search engines and rank higher on Google! After all, over 92% of online transactions begin with Google, so you definitely want to make sure your site is visible from their database!

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10 Ways How to Earn Money From Home Without Any Investment Tue, 24 Mar 2020 14:15:28 +0000 With everything that’s going on around the world and brick-and-mortar businesses all over the globe being shut down for the[...]

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With everything that’s going on around the world and brick-and-mortar businesses all over the globe being shut down for the time being, many are now looking for ways how to earn money from home without any investment. And, while there are plenty of legit ways to do so, there are also a ton of scammers out there who are using the chaos to prey on people when they’re already down, having them send money for some online job that doesn’t even exist. Luckily, there are several that do.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which will provide Mondays in PJs a commission, at no cost to you, if you choose to follow through with these offers.

Ways How to Earn Money From Home Without any Investment

Don’t panic! You’re going to be just fine. If you need to, you can combine several of the below methods to create a steady and substantial stream of income online. Here are 10 ways how to earn money from home without any investment.

Online English Tutoring

Woman smiling and giving thumbs up

Working as an online English tutor on Cambly is one of the easiest ways to earn money from home. On this platform, you can make money online simply by having conversations with people from all over the world. For those of you who enjoy chatting with people, this is the job for you. The website is based in San Diego, California, and has students from multiple countries who are looking for native speaking English tutors. They pay a set rate of $0.17/minute, and you can work pretty much any time of the day or night. Cambly pays out via PayPal every Monday. Interested? Head to Cambly’s website to apply now.

Affiliate Marketing

There are a ton of ways that you can earn a good amount of money on a regular basis through affiliate marketing. If you have a website, that’s wonderful! But even if you don’t it’s possible to earn solely through your social media platforms. Most companies have affiliate programs, which can usually be found on their website’s footer.

But to make things easier and more efficient, you can sign up for an affiliate platform like ShareaSale who does all of the heavy lifting for you. Instead of having to sign up and be approved for each program individually (which includes waiting for the approval,), you’ll be able to easily find the types of businesses that you’re looking for and quickly get the links you need to start earning. You can sign up for ShareASale here.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are very much in demand these days, especially considering all of the people who find themselves working from home, many of which don’t have much experience in telecommuting. If you have experience working as an executive or virtual assistant, there are sites like Virtual Gal Friday that would love to have you on the team! You can learn more and apply for your new online job here.

If you don’t have any experience but you’re interested anyway, you can check out Fancy Hands instead. Plus, you can always try reaching out to those in your personal network that may be in need of assistance. You can also list your available services on Fiverr, and promote your gigs throughout social media and anywhere else you think they may get in front of the right eyeballs.

Webcam Modeling/Webcam Modeling Agent

Woman's back
Photo by Yohann Libot

With everyone stuck inside these days and being told to stay away from each other, it should come as no surprise that the demand for webcam models just skyrocketed. You must be 18 years of age or older to consider this position as it is adult in nature. The sky is the limit for earning bank as a performer. Block cities and states to maintain your privacy, and earn thousands per week from the comfort of home!

If you have zero interest in performing and flirting on cam but you know people who may, you can always sign up as a webcam modeling agent and earn a 10% lifetime commission from those who sign up using your link. Ready to get started earning? Head here to learn more and sign up.

Freelance Photography

If you’ve got photo-taking skills you can make serious money selling photography on stock photo sites, among other places. People need photos for all types of online content, and if you can take decent shots of things that would sell, you’ve got a good chance of bringing in a solid income from them. Some types of pictures that sell well on stock photography websites include food and lifestyle images.

Paid Surveys

There are a ridiculous amount of paid survey sites out there these days, but Survey Junkie is consistently rated among the best of them by people everywhere. You won’t earn a ton of money by taking surveys, but if you need extra cash, it’s an easy way to make some in your spare time. Sign up for Survey Junkie here and start taking surveys right away! And, if you’re serious about spending the time earning money for paid surveys, there are plenty of other legit paid survey sites out there to help you earn some extra coin.

Online Transcription Work

Photo by CoWomen

If you can type quickly and have a good eye for detail, you can make decent money from home doing transcription work. There are several legitimate companies out there, including Rev, and Babbletype. The latter of which also hires for translators, if you’re able to translate one of many other languages into English. Learn more about working for Babbletype and apply here.

Freelance Writing

Among the online jobs that haven’t been affected by the current state of the world is freelance writing. The market may be a bit saturated at the moment since everyone is scrambling to find work online, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make it work for you if you’ve got the skills and determination. You can start by creating eye-catching gigs and listing them on sites on Upwork and Freelancer. If you don’t already have a portfolio of existing work to show potential clients, you can set one up by writing for sites like Medium and/or starting your own blog.

Search Engine Evaluation

Appen offers a variety of different ways to earn money from home, one of which being their search engine evaluation position. No experience is necessary and they will fully train you for the job. The company pays between $13-15 per hour on average. Keep in mind that only one person per household can hold a job with Appen at one time. Click here to go to Appen’s job application site and get started.

Paid Focus Groups and Ad Evaluation

With everyone staying home, and companies scrambling to discover new ways of connecting with their customers, sites like Panel Place have plenty of opportunities available to join paid focus groups, and earn money online for sharing your opinion. They have other ways to earn, as well, including watching videos and ads and reading through emails.

You’ve Got This!

Another way how to earn money from home these days is by starting your own online business. Of course, in a lot of cases you’ll need to make a slight investment, but not always! Check out our article about different types of online businesses you can launch, some of which you can do for free!

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These are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs, Desks, and Other Pieces of Equipment for Your Workspace Wed, 18 Mar 2020 01:38:53 +0000 If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you probably feel it in your back at the end[...]

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If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you probably feel it in your back at the end of the day. And, even if you don’t yet, chances are you will at some point in the future. Luckily, there are all kinds of ergonomic office furniture and equipment to help you stay healthy and comfortable at work and prevent pain from sitting down for too long. Here are some of the best ergonomic chairs and desks to help keep you well through your workday.

Photo by Matt Wojitaś

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which will provide Mondays in PJs a commission, at no additional cost to you, if you choose to follow through with these offers.

The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs, Desks, and Other Equipment

Ergonomic office chairs are designed with long-term comfort in mind. If you’ve got to sit at your desk all day, you want to be able to have control over your posture, which you can get with ergonomics. If you don’t have that control, you’ll likely end up slouching or otherwise sitting in a position that ends with lower back pain. These ergonomic office chairs, desks, and other pieces of equipment will help you stay comfortable and pain-free.

Standard Ergonomic Office Chairs

These ergonomic office chairs all offer lumbar support and other great functions to promote good posture throughout your workdays and prevent pain from sitting in one position for too long.

The Yamasoro White Leather Ergonomic Office Chair

Yamasoro: one of the best ergonomic office chairs of the 2020s.

This sleek white leather desk chair comes along with lumbar support and flip-up armrests and would make the perfect new addition to your office.

The Duramont Reclining Leather Desk Chair

Best ergonomic office chairs: Duramont leather reclining desk chair

Sit back and relax in this cushy reclining office chair by Duramont. With adjustable angles and a retractable footrest, you’ll have total control over your comfort and posture all day long.

GM Seating Executive Chair

The GM Executive

This chair from GM is a bit more expensive than the others, but that’s because it does it all. Take total control of your comfort and posture with adjustable backrests, armrests, and the ability to recline.

XUER Breathable Ergonomic Office Chair

If you live in an area where it gets particularly hot, leather and other heavy materials may feel uncomfortable in the warmer months. That’s a problem you won’t have with this breathable mesh chair by XUER.

The RESPAWN 110 Gaming Style Chair

You don’t need to be a gamer to appreciate this racecar style ergonomic leather chair with lumbar support, adjustable cushy armrests and retractable footrest. Find your perfect angle and lock into place to stay comfy all day, whether you’re working or gaming after work.

Ergonomic Alternatives to Office Chairs

While a standard ergonomic office chair should be a staple in your workspace, having ways to alternate to give your body a break from sitting in one way for too long is a good idea, too. There are several different ways you can get work done without having to sit in a chair at the desk; standing desks, balance ball chairs, treadmill desks, kneeling desks, etc., all help you keep the pressure off of your lower back, and give you a way to work that’s easier on your body.

Dragonn Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chairs make a great alternative to sitting down, and allow you to use different muscles than you’d normally use. Switching between sitting, kneeling, and standing can help alleviate and prevent pain from sitting for extended periods of time.

The Gaiam Balance Ball Desk Chair

Balance ball, or yoga ball chairs, make an excellent alternative to your standard desk chair. Sitting on one of these forces you to engage your midsection and sit up straight. While it can sometimes be tough to sit on a balance ball for hours at a time, it’s not a bad idea to switch up between your ball chair, standard chair, and standing. This balance ball chair comes with a stand and backrest, which makes it easier (and more comfortable) to sit on for longer periods of time.

Ergonomic Desks

Using an ergonomic desk chair isn’t the only step you can take to creating a comfortable and healthy working environment. As time progresses, new styles of office furniture are invented that revolutionize the way we work. Check out some of these great ergonomic desk styles to help you alleviate and prevent back pain from sitting for too long.

The SHW Electric Adjustable Height Desk

SHW electric adjustable height desk

Can’t decide between a standing or standard office desk? Why not have the best of both worlds with an adjustable height desk? This piece from SHW operates on a fully motorized lift system so making adjustments is a breeze.

The Sole Fitness TD80 Treadmill Desk

Treadmill desk ergonomic office chair alternative

Treadmill desks are a great way to stay healthy and fit during the day while also getting all of your work done. Becoming more and more popular by the day, a desk like the Sole Fitness TD80 would make the perfect addition to your home office. And, it folds up easily, just in case you’re worried about it taking up too much space after work.

Ergonomic Office Extras

Maybe you aren’t ready to make the full commitment of investing in new office furniture just yet, but you’d still like to give ergonomics a shot. In that case, you can test the waters with something a bit smaller and less expensive.

Everlasting Seat Cushion

If you’ve been experiencing pain in your lower back from sitting even if you have an ergonomic desk chair, you may benefit from the additional support you’ll get from a pillow like this one that just slides right on to your chair.

Adjustable Under Desk Footrest

Having a footrest under your desk can help to keep the pressure off your back by supporting your legs and feet. This one is adjustable between 4.3 and 6.7 inches.

FluidStance Balance Board

As an alternative to using a treadmill desk, a wobble/balance board is a great way to engage your core and promote healthy posture while standing.

Something to Remember

Before you do get that new kneeling or balance ball chair, remember that it’ll take some getting used to. It’s best to use them off and on throughout the day for short periods of time.

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10 of the Best Ways to use Canva to Create Free Graphics for Your Business Sun, 08 Mar 2020 19:37:00 +0000 Canva is an awesome tool that allows you to easily create professional graphics for your business online. Whether you want[...]

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Canva is an awesome tool that allows you to easily create professional graphics for your business online. Whether you want to make a logo or you’re more interested in making business cards to score more local clients, you can do it for free with Canva. Here are 10 great ways to use Canva for your business!

Cover image: ways to use Canva for your online business

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which will provide Mondays in PJs a commission, at no cost to you, if you choose to follow through with these offers.

The Best Ways to use Canva for Your Online Business

The first thing you’ll want to do when you get to Canva is to create your free account. You can access the program by either going straight through the website or downloading their free mobile app. You’ll need this to store the projects you want to save and come back to work on later. After you create your account and you’re looking at the main dashboard, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of projects.


If you’re on the prowl for tools that let you easily create a logo for your business for frees, Canva has your back. They’ve got tons of templates to get you started if you aren’t exactly sure what it is you’re looking for, or if graphic design isn’t really your strong suit. You can also start from scratch and build your own if you prefer.

Business Cards

Whether or not you need business cards depends entirely on your company and situation, but it can never hurt to have some on you when you’re out and about. If you run into a situation where you meet a potential client offline, you’ll want to be able to slip them a professional-looking card. Plus, having something physical with your name and number on it reminds them of you and your company every time they happen to see it.

Mondays in PJs virtual business card: SEO content creation and marketing services for online businesses.

Social Media Graphics

Select a specific platform and Canva will deliver custom-sized templates (or a custom-sized blank box) for you to create graphics for each of your business’s social media pages. Use a combination of photos, videos, elements, fonts and more to easily create the perfect posts for your brand. You can upload your own pictures and videos to use in the graphics, or use the free stock photos that the app has to offer alongside the elements, fonts, and other features.


Ah, invoicing. A process that can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. Well, creating and sending invoices doesn’t have to be stressful, not with Canva, anyway. They offer several templates that you can alter to fit your brand’s style. Or, you can start from scratch and use your own images and logo, etc. Now, the only part of invoicing that may cause you any stress is when you’re waiting for your clients to pay them!

Book Covers

Selling e-books is a great way to earn passive income, but creating eye-catching book covers can be time-consuming and expensive. You don’t need to be a pro when it comes to graphic design to put together a great looking cover for your e-book on Canva. Either choose a template or create one from scratch using different elements and images. Make sure that if you’re using stock photography for your book cover images, you’re clear on the licensing behind the photos. You wouldn’t want to get in trouble for selling a digital product using someone else’s work.

Media Kits

Media kits are crucial tools for bloggers and other types of online business owners to have in their belt. Whether you’re looking to create a media kit for the first time or just update your existing one, Canva has you covered. Use a free template like the one below or design your own from scratch.


Do you need to put together a webinar or other type of presentation quickly and easily? This is one of the best ways to use Canva for your online business. They offer a number of different templates that include cohesively designed slides for your business’s needs.


If you sell t-shirts on Shopify or Etsy, etc., you can use Canva to design the graphics for your products. This way, you’ll have the graphics ready to go for when you need to upload them to the site where you can stick them on your clothes and other products, and add them to your storefront.


Infographics are especially effective when it comes to connecting with your target market since most people respond so well to the combination of visuals and information. According to Hubspot, they can even increase your web traffic by up to 12%.

Infographic: the best ways to use Canva for your business


Do you send out a weekly (or daily) newsletter for your business? Canva offers a variety of elements and templates that allow you to build beautifully designed letterheads and newsletters to wow your clients.

Creating Professional Graphics With Canva

If you’re looking to take things up a notch and you’d like the ability to access more fonts, elements, images, and features, you may consider upgrading to Canva Pro. It’s less than $13/month when you pay per month, and less than $10/month if you pay annually. It’s definitely a much better investment than other types of monthly packages, like Netflix and Hulu, etc. Plus, you can always try it free for a month first to see if it’s worth it before you pay up.

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Interesting Online Side Hustles to Pass the Time and Earn Money From Home Mon, 02 Mar 2020 14:19:55 +0000 When it comes to working, what one person enjoys and/or excels at may kill another’s spirit. But making money doesn’t[...]

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When it comes to working, what one person enjoys and/or excels at may kill another’s spirit. But making money doesn’t always have to feel like such a soulless and tiring process. In fact, it’s entirely possible to earn a decent amount of money doing something you actually enjoy, even without leaving the house. If you see something that resonates with you on our list of online side hustles, dive into it! After all, if you’re here it means you’re ready to create a brighter future for yourself, and it’s all up to you to actually make that happen. You’ve got this!

Dare to begin sign on black chair
Photo by Walter Randlehoff

Online Side Hustles

A side hustle isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but if you find the right one, it’s something that can put plenty of extra cash in your pocket each month. Not everyone is able to do something like the drive for Uber Eats, however, which is one of the most recommended side hustles on a lot of sites. So whether you don’t have a car or a license, or you have a disability that prevents you from getting around much, or you just don’t feel like interacting with others face-to-face, rest assured that there are plenty of online side hustles for you to choose from.

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links which may provide Mondays in PJs a commission, at no additional cost to you, if you choose to follow through with these offers.

Skype Tutoring Sessions

Earning potential: $20-$200/hour

Why it’s great: It allows you to share your gift and make money doing something you love.

Everyone is good at something. So, what are you talented at that others would be interested to learn? Perhaps you can play the guitar or violin? Or maybe you’re amazing at applying makeup, and you’d be able to teach others how to become just as good? Remember, whatever the skill, it’s got to be something you’ll be able to teach (or teach yourself to teach) effectively during a webcam session.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Earning potential: $15-$30/hour

Why it’s great: For gaining experience and testimonials

VA’s are in demand by professionals all over the world, but it’s likely there’s someone in your immediate network that could benefit from your assistance, too. Depending on what your skills are and who’s in your network, you could be doing anything from setting up appointments and responding to emails to managing their social media accounts, creating content and interacting with customers on their behalf.

Be an Online English Tutor

Earning potential: $10-$25/hour

Why it’s great: It’s an easy job and you’ll get to meet interesting people from all over the world.

If you’re a native English speaker living in the US, UK, CA, NZ, or AU, you can make money from home by having fun conversations with interesting people from all over the world! Cambly is an online ESL platform that connects tutors with students from multiple countries who are interested in learning and/or practicing English. The majority of students are already at a conversational level, and you can choose which age bracket/experience status you prefer to tutor so that it’s as easy as possible for you. One awesome thing about the platform is that you can work 24/7, so it’s one of the best online side hustles for those who have other priorities during regular work hours.

If you happen to have a TESOL certificate, you may also be able to get hired by PalFish, where you can set your own rates between $14-$22/hour (and earn bonuses.)

Try Your Hand(s) At Modeling

Earning potential: $1-$1,000 per day or more

Why it’s great: It’s fun, it’s fairly easy, and it gives you a chance to create relationships with great brands.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

Has anyone ever told you that you’ve got awesome hands? Or do you just know it to be true? In any case, you could be making money from home as a freelance hand model! There are a couple of ways you can get started. You’ll definitely need something that takes good pictures (a phone may even work at first.) But, if you’ve got a professional camera and lighting, even better! Amazon sells complete pro photography kits that come with a camera and tripod, along with plenty of other accessories to make your job easier!

Take a few shots of your hands modeling things like nail polish (paint your nails and hold the bottle, etc.) You can also hold things like purses, cleaning supplies, etc. Then, post the photos on Fiverr and Upwork along with a killer gig description that tempts buyers into working with you, and you’re on your way to becoming a professional freelance hand model! You can also start your own website where you can feature your photos and attract sponsors for paid posts, etc.

Start a YouTube Channel

Earning potential: $50-$5,000/month or more

Why it’s great: Makes a great platform to express and enjoy yourself.

While it’s not very reasonable to aim for becoming a millionaire on YouTube (not that there aren’t people who are doing just that,) you can absolutely set up a channel where you’re able to make good money through ads and sponsors. This is a great online side hustle for those of you that are artistic and/or have something you’d like to say to the world. Packaging those messages in the form of skits or videos, etc, can be both fun and give you the opportunity to make an income doing what you enjoy.

Sell Your Photos

Earning potential: $.10-$1,000 per photo or more

Why it’s great: It provides creative freedom, for the most part, and is fun for those who enjoy photography.

Photo by Noémi Macavei-Katócz

Do you have an eye for taking photos? There are plenty of ways you can earn a solid side income as a freelance photographer. One such way is to sell your photos on sites like Gettyimages and Shutterstock. You can also sign up for an on-demand type of service on a website such as Scoopshot. Alternatively, you can launch your own website to sell your services through. Focusing on a particular niche that’s profitable at the moment can help you to make more money. Some possible niches include food photography, aerial/drone photography, and nature photography.

Become a Social Media Manager

Earning potential: $20-$60/hour

Why it’s great: Help brands and entrepreneurs expand their digital presence and connect with more people.

Are you super skilled at creating eye-catching Pinterest Pins that convert? Or maybe you’re awesome at growing an engaged following on Facebook? Selling social media management services can be one of the most lucrative online side hustles of the 2020s. You can do this through a freelance site like Fiverr, or directly through your own social media and/or website.

Flip Domain Names

Earning potential: $10-$100,000/year or more

Why it’s great: It’s easy once you understand the process.

Since domain names are basically the real estate of the internet, it only stands to reason that you can make some pretty good money by “flipping” them in the same way you’d flip a house – buy it cheap and sell it to someone else at a (much) higher cost. And, just like real estate, the cost of some of these pieces of digital property can vary depending on what’s in-demand at the time. Some domains have been known to sell for hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of dollars, like, which according to GoDaddy, sold for $872 million.

Start a Blog

Earning potential: $20-$20,000/month

Why it’s great: Blogs give you a platform to sell other products and/or services and make an excellent way to create an interest in what you have to offer.

Blogging can be an excellent side hustle that can lead to a killer residual income if done correctly. There are all kinds of different ways you can monetize a blog, none of which will happen very quickly. For this side hustle to be worth it, you’ll need to commit to posting engaging and insightful content on a regular basis. Once you’ve got your platform up and running, you’ll need to grow your following to maximize your earning potential. Some ways you can earn money from blogging include selling products or services, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.

Consult at Clarity

Earning potential: $60-$160/hour

Why it’s great: It gives you a way to share your valuable skills with those who are interested in learning them and get paid (well) for it.

Are you an expert at something like branding, software development, WordPress, or E-commerce? You could be making $60-$100/hour or more consulting through This website connects experts with those who are willing to pay a pretty penny for their advice. Apply today and start earning an hourly income from home by providing advice to callers through Clarity!

Sell on Etsy

Earning potential: $1,000-$100,000/year or more

Why it’s great: You can make a decent amount of money by selling the things you enjoy creating.

Photo by Mong Bui

Do you have a knack for creating cool (and/or delicious) stuff? Why not turn it into a profitable online side hustle? Etsy isn’t just about art. You can sell all kinds of things on the platform, including patterns and fonts, clothes, and even different types of food. Do you make a mean cookie, candy, jam, or cake? If you can package it and ship it, you can turn it into an online side hustle and sell it on Etsy!

Make Your Online Side Hustles Work For You

As with any job, to make a substantial income from anything on this list, you’ll need to dedicate the time and energy into turning them into lucrative side hustles, and possibly even more. If you’re planning to start freelancing, start a professional website to showcase your skills. Are you going to launch a YouTube channel or online store? Make sure you’re also thinking about how you’re going to let people know that it exists. If you’ve already started your online business and are looking for ways to increase sales and make more money, check out our SEO packages!

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Here’s Why You Need SEO For Your Website Mon, 24 Feb 2020 11:56:00 +0000 Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial in determining your brand’s presence on Google. Google is the most visited website in[...]

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial in determining your brand’s presence on Google. Google is the most visited website in the world. It sees 70,000 searches per second, and yet more than 90% of people conducting those searches won’t ever make it past the first page of search results (SERPs.) So as a business owner, you want to make sure you’re covering all angles when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, which includes optimizing your web content. Social media marketing and paid search marketing are helpful too, but SEO can continue to drive organic traffic to your website time and time again, long after the original content has been created.

Woman working from home on Macbook
Photo by Content Pixie

Why You Need SEO For Your Website

Every section of your website can, and should, be optimized for both search engines and humans. If you over-optimize for Google’s crawlers, your visitors may not enjoy the way everything is laid out. And, if you don’t optimize enough, you’ll never see the first page of SERPs, and you’ll never know that sweet rush that comes along with a major spike in organic traffic, which only stems from SEO.

Organic Traffic Is The Best Kind of Traffic

When you look at your website’s analytics, you’ve got five different points of origin for your traffic: social, direct, referral, other, and organic. Social traffic is everyone that’s coming through links found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and any other social media platform. Direct traffic is when someone types your site’s address into their browser bar, referral traffic comes through when someone clicks a hyperlink from another blog or website, and organic is when someone types a keyword into Google or another major search engine and finds and clicks on your site from within the search results.

Earn Passive Income

When you’ve got a steady flow of organic traffic coming through your site from a killer SEO strategy and your site is set up to sell digital or physical products, or you’re promoting affiliate content, optimizing that site can earn you money while you sleep. Once you’ve got plenty of content out there and long after you’ve made the initial efforts (or investment,) that traffic will become steadier and will continue to increase over time. Plus, unlike traffic from social media, you don’t have to keep sharing the content to see the traffic (but sharing your content is also never a bad idea.)

Drive Local Sales

Online business isn’t the only reason why you need SEO for your website. If you sell products and/or services locally, it can also help you to build a stronger presence for your brand in your own community. Search engine optimization can be targeted to drive traffic from a particular place just by using the right keywords and phrases.

SERP (search engine results pagess)
Photo by Merakist

Google is the Most Popular Website in the World

Over 93% of online transactions begin with a search engine, and Google is the one that’s used most throughout the world, holding over 90% of the current market. That means that if you want to boost your online sales, you need to make sure that your brand’s page is being found when your potential customers are searching for the products and services you have to offer on Google. Let’s say you offer interior design services in Houston. When someone types “interior designers in Houston,” into that search bar, you want them to find your page, and fast. Your aim is for your ideal client base to find you and come to your website before they find your competitors.

SEO Makes for Great Content Marketing

Whether you’re working with copy on your landing page or blog posts, each should be optimized for both search engines and humans. If you’ve got engaging content on your website that is helpful and relevant to your customers and/or potential customers, they’re going to want to stick around and learn more about what else you have to offer them, which gives you a greater chance at turning that potential customer into an actual sale. The more optimized content you put out there, the higher your ranking on Google will be and the more traffic you’ll see on your site.

Build Trust Among Customers

Unlike some types of advertising, there is nothing sleazy about SEO when it’s done right. As long as you’re using keywords that are relevant to what your business is actually about and you’re building up that presence on Google, it shows your target market what it is you have to offer. If you continue to put out content that helps your audience, you’re eventually going to build up some trust with them, which will help you create lasting relationships with long-term customers.

Boost Domain Authority

Not only will putting out that solid content show your customers what you’re all about, but it will also do the same with Google’s search crawlers. The more content you release that includes keywords and phrases related to what you’re trying to rank for, the stronger your domain authority will become. Domain authority is basically the reputation your website has with Google, which helps to determine your spot in the SERPs.

Clear on Why You Need SEO for Your Website?

Optimizing your website for search engines isn’t going to produce overnight results, but once it does start to drive that traffic, it’s going to be a steady flow and you won’t be disappointed in the ROI.

Need to Work on Your SEO But Not Sure How to Get Started?

SEO is a long-term process that requires that you put in the time and effort to yield the kind of results that are possible with a strong campaign. You can learn how to implement SEO into your existing content and create new content that’s optimized for search engines and humans by taking courses and practicing and continuing to put out new content on a regular basis. Or, you can hire an expert so you can continue to do what you do best and enlist the help of someone who specializes in SEO content. Our optimized content packages start at just $300/month and are meant to make both humans and Google happy!

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Spring Cleaning for the Home Office Tue, 18 Feb 2020 20:39:25 +0000 There are two types of attitudes when it comes to spring cleaning, okay, maybe three. First, there are the people[...]

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There are two types of attitudes when it comes to spring cleaning, okay, maybe three. First, there are the people who dread “that time of year,” but still force themselves to get through it for the sake of their home. Then, there are people who love to get organized and level up their space. They see spring cleaning as an exciting task that is to be conquered. And finally, there are people who don’t even think about it at all. If you’re here, you’re at least somewhere between group A and group B. If you’re ready to get this knocked out, you can always use this post as your spring cleaning for the home office checklist!

Cartoon woman cleaning her home office

Spring Cleaning for the Home Office

If you work from home, you likely spend a lot of time in your workspace. And, if the area is cluttered, it can actually make your brain feel the same way. Having a clean, organized place to work can help you to get more done. Here’s how you can nail the spring cleaning and create a workspace you love!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which will provide Mondays in PJs a commission, at no cost to you, if you choose to follow through with these offers.

What You’ll Need

Gather as many of the supplies below as you’ve got around the house. If you’re missing something, you can get all of them on Amazon or at Target, etc., and bookmark this page to come back when you’re ready to start cleaning! Or, you can try to get through as much as possible with what you’ve got handy.

  • Dry duster/broom (or vacuum if your office is carpeted)
  • A good multi-surface cleaner
  • Rags (or cut up old t-shirts)
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A Swiffer or mop (only if your office isn’t carpeted)
  • Air duster
  • Isopropyl alcohol

Move Things Around

Gain a fresh perspective by moving the furniture in your home office. Even if all you do is move your desk from one wall to another, it will still make a huge difference. Plus, the entire purpose of spring cleaning is to clean things you wouldn’t otherwise clean, right?

Clear Off Shelves

Now that you’ve gotten all of your furniture situated where you like it, it’s time to start with the cleaning and organizing. Work your way from the top shelves downwards, removing everything from each and then wiping them down.

Clean Out Drawers

Empty out one drawer at a time, starting with the one nearest to you (or whichever one you use the most.) Take all of your papers and everything else out of the drawer. If you’ve got a divider or any type of storage, take those out too. Use your multi-surface cleaner and rag to wipe the inside of each out, all around the sides and bottom.

Organize Your Paperwork

Now that you’ve got everything out of your drawers, it’s the perfect time to sift through your paperwork and toss out anything you don’t need, won’t need in the future, or isn’t important to you. If you’re an online business owner, you may be paperless at this point, so if that’s the case, skip ahead to the next step! If you’ve still got mounds of papers lying around though, go through them and toss everything you don’t need. Separate everything you do need using groups that work for you. Then, place them in individual and/or accordion folders or an over-the-door hanging file system to keep each category together.

Declutter Your Digital Desktop

Spring cleaning for the home office wouldn’t be complete without cleaning out your computer. After all, if you work from home, chances are good that you’re on it for several hours every day, and probably saving a whole lot of stuff you no longer need. Start with your desktop, getting rid of anything that’s cluttering it, and placing things you do need into labeled (and relevant) folders. Organize everything in a way that’ll be easy for you to navigate and remember. Cleaning up your computer won’t just help you access everything more easily, but it can also speed the system up and help you get your work done more quickly and efficiently.

Clean the Outside of Your Computer

You may wipe it down from time to time, but when is the last time you’ve really cleaned your computer? According to this extensive guide on Wired about how to deep clean your computer, you’ll need some air duster, cotton swabs, a microfiber cloth, some isopropyl alcohol and an hour or two to get the job done right.

Clean home office
Photo by Kari Shea

Build Your Immediate Space For Your Day-to-Day

Think about what you reach for (or around) on your desk every day. Is there something you always have to go just a bit too far out of your way to get that you use on a daily basis? And on the flip side of that, what do you have around you that you don’t need? Get rid of things that are lying around that you don’t actually use. An exception to this might be decorative pieces you’ve put out to liven up the room, but other than that, reserve your immediate workspace for things you use every day. If you could use some help in the organizational department, you can always add some decorative storage to the top of your desk to keep things in order.

Improve the Air Quality in Your Home Office

Once you’ve gotten everything moved around and organized in the way that feels best to you, it’s time to clean off the surfaces of all of your furniture. Use your rag and multi-surface cleaner and wipe everything down. Then, run your vacuum over the floor (or set your robot vacuum to do it for you.) Alternatively, if you have a hard floor, use a Swiffer sweep and vac or a broom and dustpan. Add an oil diffuser that doubles as a humidifier to control the air quality (and scent) of the room.

Take Inventory

Is there something that could be easier for you if you had access to an additional piece of equipment? Perhaps you’ve been considering making the buy for some time now but you keep forgetting about it or trying to convince yourself you don’t really need it. If it’s something that’s been popping into your mind for a while and this camera, etc., will improve the quality of your work and make your life even a little better, go for it!

Keep Your Home Office Clean

After you’ve gone through all of this work, the last thing you want to do is let the room get all dusty (again,) or get covered in nutrition bar wrappers and water bottles, etc. In any case, look around you. You always want your office to be this clean, so maintain it, since maintenance takes a lot less time and effort than deep cleaning does.

Keep some multi-surface cleaning towelettes nearby so that you can wipe anything down the second you need to. You should also store your microfiber cloth in the general vicinity of your computer so that you can clean it off at least once per week or so. Keep

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The Top Online Marketing Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Making Them Mon, 10 Feb 2020 12:00:00 +0000 When you launch a digital marketing campaign, do you make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure its success?[...]

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When you launch a digital marketing campaign, do you make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure its success? Do you have a specific goal in mind? What about a target market? Are you using all of the right tools and platforms to get the word out? If not, you may be guilty of making one of the top online marketing mistakes. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve got your back.

Woman with a megaphone yelling at man out of computer. Spam message concept.
Photo by alphaspirit

The Top Online Marketing Mistakes

If the numbers still don’t seem to be adding up and you aren’t seeing the amount of sales/sign-ups, etc., that you’ve been hoping for, see if you may be guilty of one or all of these marketing mishaps and work on correcting them until you achieve your desired results.

1) You Don’t Have a Website

Your website is basically like your digital storefront. It’s where your clients land and expect to be able to get their hands on whatever service or product they’re coming to you for. Even if you’ve been successful in selling on social media, etc, you’ll still want to set up a self-hosted website so that you truly own the platform, and so that customers (and potential customers) know exactly where to find you.

How to Avoid it

Setting up a website is much easier than you think, and there are several ways you can go about it. The first would be to hire someone to build it for you, which is by far the easiest option, although it’s also the most expensive, as you can pay anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on what you need your site to do.

Another option is to create your own site by going through a host such as Hostinger, who will guide you along in setting up your own WordPress website. You’ll definitely want to own your domain name, too, so that customers can type, rather than

2) You Don’t Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Now let’s say you’ve already got an amazing website set up, but you have zero presence on social media – so how do you expect people to find you? Social media is crucial for spreading the word about what you have to offer. Nearly 3.5 billion people use social media, and it would be a shame to miss out on all of that potential income.

How to Avoid it

Create at least one page for your business, based upon who it is you’re targeting with your products or services. Then, make sure you’re posting regularly to keep your followers engaged. Each platform has different recommended times, and you can use a tool like Canva to create free, perfectly-sized graphics to share with those on your page.

3) You Don’t Have a Blog

Blogging is one of the best forms of digital marketing. Regular content can attract and engage, not to mention optimizing blog posts for search engines is a surefire way to keep traffic flowing to your shop’s site. One or two posts per week optimized for Google can do wonders for your organic traffic numbers.

How to Avoid it

If you already have a website, you can simply add a blog by way of a new page. If you don’t have a site yet, once you’ve corrected mistake #1 you can move on to this one. If you have your blog ready to go, it’s time to start filling it with content. Don’t just post to post. Make sure that what you’re posting adds value and is relevant to your industry. Try and post at least 650 words once per week. If you don’t think you’re up for creating regular, optimized content, you can always hire a pro ghost blogger to do it for you!

4) You Aren’t Using Social Sharing Buttons on Your Blog Posts

Mondays in PJs social sharing icons (photo)

Not giving readers a way to share your posts is number four on the Mondays in PJs list of the top 10 digital marketing mistakes to avoid. You can have some amazing content on your blog and it won’t make the rounds if it’s not shareable. If you don’t make it easy for visitors to share your content, they won’t. To make sure they do, you’ll first need to make sure there are buttons on each that allow for easy sharability to (at the very least,) Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Use a social sharing plugin to make it easy for visitors to share your stuff.

How to Avoid it

This one is a super easy fix that can be accomplished by installing a plugin. There are a number of free social sharing plugins that you can use that will allow for sharing icons above or below your content so visitors can easily share your work on their pages. Shared Counts and MashShare are two that are highly rated and easy to use. They can both be found by going through your WordPress dashboard, as you should be extremely careful when downloading plugins from outside sources. You can choose whether or not you want to display the number of times each post is shared by adjusting the settings of your plugin.

5) You Don’t Have an Email List

Here’s the big problem with relying on someone else’s platform to collect your customer’s information for you. If said platform ends up shutting down for any reason, or getting hacked, etc, you’re going to lose everything you worked so hard for. By starting an email list, you’ll always have those names and emails of dedicated individuals that you know are interested in what you’re offering. Not collecting this information is definitely one of the top online marketing mistakes you should avoid.

How to Avoid It

Use a plugin like Hustle to create an embedded box to put underneath your posts and prompt readers for signups. You can also create a popup and/or slide-in for your website, or you can do both. Just remember, however, that many people are annoyed by popups and will automatically close out of your site if they feel bombarded by a sales pitch. If you are going to use a popup or slide-in, offer a freebie as an incentive to those who are signing up, and make sure it’s one that people actually want. Some examples of this may be a mini-email course or a webinar.

6) You Don’t Understand Your Target Market

All of the marketing gurus in the world will tell you that if you try to please everybody, you won’t wind up pleasing anyone. That’s because, in order for your digital marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to be targeted towards the group of people that need and/or want your product the most, AKA, your target market.

How to Avoid it

Create a customer profile of your perfect client. Try and think about who they are and what they do in their daily lives. Determine how old they are, where they live, what level of education they have, and what their income looks like. You can even scroll through Google’s photo section to find a stock image that matches your “buyer.” Then, build your target market around that profile. What’s the ten-year age range and general location surrounding your customer? That’s the market that you want to shoot for. Directing your digital marketing campaign towards a more specific group will help you to understand and engage with your customers more.

7) You’re Sending Spammy Messages

Sending spammy sounding messages is absolutely one of the top online marketing mistakes you can make. Some will say not to send cold messages at all, and that’s a logical standpoint. If you don’t know someone (and sometimes, even if you do,) a cold message tends to come off as rude and desperate, especially if you send the same generic bullshit to everyone. If the message has nothing to do with the person you’re sending it to, they probably won’t even waste their time reading it.

How to Avoid It

If you’re determined to use cold messaging as a form of marketing, make sure you do it right. Do your research and find out all you can about the person you’re sending the message to. Don’t just randomly send your copied and pasted sales pitch to everyone you come across on social media. Make sure there’s a reason to send it to them, and then figure out how to explain that reason to them in a way that creates interest in what you’re offering. Something along the lines:

Hi, _______,

I’ve been following you on _________ for some time now, and I wanted to talk to you about something I think you may have some interest in because (insert reason why they specifically will care about what you’re doing and how it can benefit them.) Please let me know if I’m right in thinking you’d like to get it on this opportunity and I’ll send you some more details.

8) You Don’t Have a SMART Goal For Your Campaign

If you’re not clear on what exactly it is that you’re trying to accomplish with your marketing campaign, you’re going to have a tough time making the necessary adjustments and getting to where it is you want to be in terms of hitting your goals. For instance, you most likely have the objective of making more sales or getting seen by more of your target market. But those are still just objectives, and they’re very general, so it’ll be hard for you to know what you’re aiming for, which will make it even harder to create a solid plan.

How to Avoid it

A SMART goal, which stands for, “specific,” “measurable,” “attainable,” “relevant,” and “time-bound,” is a goal that’s able to be clearly defined, and one that’s results can be proven. For instance, your typical goal is to create more awareness around your brand, and your SMART goal may be increasing unique sessions on your website by 100 people per day over the course of 30 days. By setting a goal with measurable results, you’ll be able to determine whether or not your campaign has been successful or if you need to tweak your efforts to achieve your desired results.

9) You Aren’t Being Consistent

Launching a digital marketing campaign and losing momentum is by far one of the top online marketing mistakes. To keep your brand fresh in everyone’s mind, you need to post on a regular basis. Expert opinions seem to vary on exactly what the magic number is for how many times you should post on each social media platform per day, but the consensus remains the same about the need to be consistent.

How to Avoid it

Whatever schedule you choose, stick to it as closely as possible. If you don’t want to create new posts for your platform several times each day you’ve got a few options. You can use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite and schedule multiple posts ahead of time when you feel like working on them, or you can hire a social media marketing expert to handle it for you.

10) You Aren’t Monitoring Your Campaign Results

In order to know if you’re reaching your digital marketing campaign’s goals, you’ll need to monitor the results. Did you set your SMART goal? Without seeing the exact numbers, you can’t determine whether or not you’ve achieved what you set out to do.

How to Avoid it

Now is the time to dig into your analytics and discover how successful you’ve been in your efforts so far. Google Analytics is free and easy to set up, and it offers you a ton of insight into your website. It can also tell you all kinds of information about which routes your customers (and potential customers) are coming from, which keywords they’re using to get to you through Google, and so much more.

Avoiding The Top Online Marketing Mistakes

Make sure you bookmark this page so you can reference it while you’re working through each of the steps on this list of the 10 top online marketing mistakes. That way, you’ll know you’re on your way to crafting a killer digital marketing campaign for your brand. If you want to expand your business’s presence on Google, head to the other section of our site and check out our SEO services packages.

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Fall in Love With Your Workspace and Find True Happiness in Your Home…Office Mon, 03 Feb 2020 12:00:00 +0000 You can love all sorts of people, places, and things. It isn’t something that’s reserved by, or for, anyone or[...]

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You can love all sorts of people, places, and things. It isn’t something that’s reserved by, or for, anyone or anything. Do you have a favorite vacation destination that you’ve fallen in love with? One that you dream about returning to? Why not create a sanctuary for yourself that makes you feel peaceful and productive on a daily basis?

Woman meditating on desk in the office, ignoring marketing materials being presented

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which will provide Mondays in PJs a commission, at no cost to you, if you choose to follow through with these offers.

How to Fall in Love With Your Workspace

Everyone has a different idea in their mind of what the perfect sanctuary looks and feels like, so there is no one color or piece of furniture that can satisfy everyone. So, these are more general guidelines than specifics, meant to inspire you so that you can fall in love with your workspace and feel more productive in your home office.

Switch Things Up

Working from the same area can get old fast. It can make everything you’re doing feel stale. If you’re at the point where you feel like you’re just going to jump out of your skin if you have to sit in the same chair at the same desk in front of the same wall for ten hours today, rearrange some things instead.

Moving the furniture around a bit can give you a new perspective on things and open up the room. Just make sure you plan things out before you start moving, like where the power plugs are, for instance, and what you’d like to be facing (or what you don’t want to face) as you work through the day.

Use Color Psychology

Different colors can trigger different emotions, so they’re something to consider when you’re planning out your home office makeover. If you want to go all out, you can even paint your walls for a major mood boost. But, if you’re looking for something a bit quicker, you can just add colorful art, furniture, throw blankets, and decor to surround yourself with.

Cozy home office

Which colors to use depends on what you’re looking for most in a mood boost. Do you just want to generally be happy and feel joyful? Go for yellow! Are you feeling unmotivated and in need of a spark to get you through your month? Opt for fiery reds and oranges. Or perhaps you’ve been a bit on edge with some of your clients lately and you need to de-stress. In that case, fill the room with different shades of blue, which can calm you down, and help you feel more focused. Plus, to truly fall in love with your workspace, you have to make it entirely your own!

Practice Some Feng Shui

While you’re moving things around anyway, you may consider implementing the ancient art of feng shui, or geomancy. Feng shui, which translates to “wind-water,” is based on the study of natural patterns within nature, and how humans can use those patterns to live in a way that “flows” with their environment. Practicing this craft in your home means decluttering and opening up your space which in turn should help you keep you focused and free of stress.

To feng shui your home office, there are a couple of things you can do. Lighter, airier spaces are all the rage, which means if you’ve got a window in the room, try to position your desk so you’re near (but not right up against) it. Use sheer, light-colored curtains that will allow the sun to come in.

Now, make sure that you are able to move around freely and there is nothing blocking your way when you need to get to your desk or enter or exit the room. The point is for you and your energy to get around without feeling blocked. Here are some more ways you can use feng shui to fall in love with your workspace.

Get a Comfortable Computer Chair

Ah, yes. If you’re going to spend hours upon hours sitting at your desk every day, you should be as comfortable as humanly possible doing so. There are probably several aspects to the perfect desk chair, including adjustable height and armrests, swivel ability, and lumbar support.

These ergonomic chairs by Smugdesk have it all, and you can order them from Amazon for less than $100! Your lower back will thank you. Plus, if you’re comfier at your desk, you’ll be more productive throughout the day.

Get Out of The House

man in gray denim dress shirt smiling while using MacBook Pro
Photo by Kaleidico

If you’re feeling particularly down about heading into your workspace today, why not shake things up and go work somewhere else instead? Grab your laptop and anything else you need and head to the park, the library, or a local coffee shop, etc. Sometimes, we just need a break from the routine to motivate us and get us back on track. After all, you know the old saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” And, if you find that you really love working from a more public space, you can always make it a regular thing!

Elevate Your View

Staring at your computer in front of a wall for several hours can feel especially dull. Of course, according to feng shui pros, you don’t want your desk directly in front of a window, either. So what can you do to liven things up a bit?

After you’ve rearranged the furniture to your liking, it’s time to add some personal touches. What is your favorite place on earth? Frame a photo of it and hang it up on the wall across from your desk. Alternatively, you can use a set of paintings on canvas. Then, add some pieces of decor that feel special to you as well.

Keep Your Drinks Close, But Your Snacks Even Closer

When you’ve got a million things to do around the office, you may not have the time to spare to run to the kitchen and grab something to eat. This is also true for online ESL teachers, who need to eat something in the two minutes you have between classes or tutoring sessions.

Keep a stash in the office to avoid stomach rumbling (and prying fingers!) You can keep foods like energy bars (or Snickers) in a drawer, but you can also keep your cold drinks and favorite snacks in one of these cute desktop mini-refrigerators.

Use Scents to Change the Mood in the Room

Keeping an oil diffuser in your home office is a great way to improve your mood within a matter of minutes. Use different scents depending on the desired effect. Citrus scents including lemon and orange are good for mid-afternoon energy boosts, while cinnamon can help you focus and be more productive.

Take a Break and Get Away When You’re Stressed

If you stick around in your office and sulk in front of the computer when you’re dealing with a tough client, it’s likely just going to make you feel worse, and possibly even say something you’ll later regret in the form of an angry email. Take a breather and go for a quick walk around the neighborhood, or go grab a cup of coffee and hang out in the kitchen or dining room for a few minutes until you’re feeling a little more clearheaded.

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Google is the most visited website in the world. They own over 92% of the search engine market and see around 70,000 inquiries per second. That means that if you want your business to stand out over your competitors, you need your site needs to be search engine friendly. Here’s how to rank higher on Google and boost your website SEO in the 2020s.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which will provide me a commission, at no cost to you, if you choose to follow through with these offers.

Rank Higher on Google and Boost Your Website SEO

Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic. It means that someone is searching for a keyword on Google, i.e, “graphic designer for logo,” and they happen to see and click on your site from the results list. But, to bring in that type of traffic, you need your website to be as close to the first page of results for that keyword as possible. Scaling your way up the search results is a slow and stealthy art, but if you can pull it off, it will be well worth it in the long run.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, means to develop a content strategy that results in more organic traffic coming to your website from places like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO is a process that is designed to attract and engage both search engines and humans that are looking for what it is you have to offer.

How to Improve Your SEO

There are plenty of things you can do to boost your website SEO and rank higher on Google. It all begins with your content, so make sure you keep it in mind when you’re creating your next page or post, or when you’re going through your site to tighten up your existing works.

Use the Right Keywords

Whatever keywords your ideal customers are using on Google to search for the types of services or products you have to offer are the words you should be trying to rank for. If you’re a traveling nail tech, you’ll want to use something like, “manicurists who will come to your home in Seattle,” or wherever you’re located. Remember to think from your future client’s perspective and use terms that they may search for rather than using industry jargon.

That’s why it’s so important to use the phrase repeatedly throughout. But you also want to make sure it sounds natural and you aren’t just randomly slapping it on the end or anything. You need to optimize your content for both search engines and your readers.

Use Keywords in Headings

Your headings play a crucial role for both your readers and the search engines. Readers may want to skim through your content and see what you have to offer before they fully commit to reading every word of the post. And, when search engines crawl your posts, the words you use in your headings alert the crawler to what your site is all about. Treat your headings and subheadings like a directory, and use your keywords whenever possible, placing an emphasis on your h2 heading at the top of each post.

Use a Plugin

Free WordPress plugins like Yoast and Rank math are great for those who are just starting out. They’ll show you the parts of each post and/or page that you need to adjust for the best optimization.

But if you’re looking for more of a one-stop-shop when it comes to SEO for your business, SEMrush has a lot more it can offer you than just on-page SEO (though it does do that, too.) They’ll audit your entire site and give you detailed instructions that explain how to boost your rankings. Plus, they’ll monitor your position on Google, and your brand name so you can get notified anytime there’s a mention of your business anywhere else on the web. You can try it free for a week, which means you can go audit your site on SEMrush for free right now!

Use Lengthier Content

Blog posts used to be a lot shorter, as in, a couple of hundred words to five hundred words were the golden standard, but search engines are starting to favor longer pieces as time goes by. To rank higher on Google and boost your website SEO, each post on your site should contain at least 700-1,000 words.

Build up Backlinks

Backlinks are the links to your website originating from other web addresses. You can build up authentic backlinks by sharing your content on social media, along with sites like Medium and Tumblr. Another way to create backlinks to your site is by leaving comments on other sites and blogs that lead back to your page. The more backlinks you have to your site from other places around the web, the more important Google thinks your content is and the higher you’ll rank in search results.

Use Keywords in Alt Descriptions

An alt image description is the words used to describe the way an image looks, and what it’s role on the page is, just in case a visitor is unable to see it for some reason. They’re also a great tool to improve SEO if you use them correctly. Try and work your keywords into the description, but do so naturally and be sure you’re accurately describing what can be seen in the image when you do.

Start Blogging

If your website doesn’t already have a blog page, you’re missing out on a golden content marketing opportunity. Blogging is an excellent way to keep your present and future customers engaged with your business. If you already are a blogger, then start blogging on other people’s blogs. Why? Because it’s an easy way to build relationships with others in your niche and create valuable backlinks.

If you don’t have the time or energy to create consistent, engaging content for a blog, you can always work with an SEO ghost blogging specialist who can post for you on a regular basis while remaining true to your brand’s voice.

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Optimize Your Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the little blurbs that show up beneath a site’s link on the results pages on search engines. They’re crucial in determining whether your link gets clicked over the one directly above or below yours. And, the more clickthroughs you receive, the higher you’ll rank in the future. Make sure you use an optimized summary of your website or post in the meta description, along with the main keyword(s) you’re trying to rank for. These summaries should be between 60-160 characters.

Offer Value

One of the best ways to rank higher on Google and boost your website SEO is to offer value to your readers. Google appreciates unique content that answers the questions of those who are typing them into its search bar. If you’ve got the answers, and you can word them correctly, you can easily improve your search engine optimization and connect with more of your target market.

Boost Your Website SEO and Rank Higher on Google

SEO is an ongoing process and one that you should always keep in mind as you’re adding new content to your website. It’s multifaceted and includes a variety of aspects, including images, URLs, keywords, meta descriptions and more. It’s also more of a marathon than a race, so don’t expect to see overnight results when it comes to rising up through the ranks. But as long as you continue to optimize your website’s content, you will see results, so stick with it!

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