Energizing Morning Smoothie To Start Your Day Off Right

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This Energizing Morning Smoothie With Banana, Berries, Matcha and Protein Powder Will Keep You Going Until Lunch!

The last thing anyone wants to do after climbing out of bed in the morning is cook. But at the same time, you obviously want to be satisfied and not have to worry about food when you’re starting your day. What’s the solution? Cramming some delicious and nutritious stuff into your blender and hitting “liquify” for a few seconds to create breakfast-in-a-cup that you can slurp down with a straw as you walk around the house and do everything else you need to do. This energizing morning smoothie is great on its own, but if you don’t think you can survive on liquids only, you can always pair it with toast or an English muffin for something more substantial.

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Greek vanilla yogurt is the single best staple ingredient for any and all smoothies. Greek yogurt is full of probiotics, which are incredibly good for your digestive system. Not all yogurts are created equal, so make sure the kind you reach for is loaded with these bad boys! Of course, the “vanilla” part isn’t as important, but it does mix with more stuff than some other flavors do.

Frozen banana

Bananas go from not ripe enough to too ripe fairly quickly if you don’t fly through them in your house. To save them (and to ensure you have another excellent smoothie staple on hand) peel them, chop them in half, stick them in a sandwich baggie and freeze them. Then, when you’re ready to make one of these smoothies you can just grab one half and toss it in the blender. Banana is great to use if you’re looking for something that’s going to curb your appetite for awhile!

Coconut milk

Silk Coconut Milk Original

Silk Coconut Milk not only tastes amazing, but it’s incredibly good for you. However, you don’t have to use coconut milk if you would prefer the taste of almond milk, oat milk, or even regular milk. But you do need to use some type of liquid to blend everything together properly.

Berries (fresh or frozen)

Banana is a great base, but mix and match any combination of fruits that you’ve got. You can purchase a bag of frozen mixed berries from the grocery store that is packaged with smoothies in mind. Or, if you buy fresh produce, you can bag and freeze as your fruit starts to turn. Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries all work very well, but you can try any fruit you like!

Protein powder

This is another crucial ingredient to making the perfect energizing morning smoothie – protein powder. Vanilla blends easily with other flavors, but you can try chocolate if you prefer. Just make sure whatever you get will blend nicely with the other ingredients that you plan to use. Try this high-protein and high-energy plant-based combination from Spiru-Tein.

Matcha powder

Swanson Certified Organic Matcha Powder

Whether or not you’re a coffee drinker, who couldn’t use an extra boost of caffeine in the a.m? Just one gram of matcha powder makes a brilliant addition to this energizing morning smoothie recipe!

Give or take

Again, feel free to switch up the ingredients in your energizing morning smoothie as you see fit. Some things that you may be interested in adding are; vanilla ice cream (sure, it’s more of a milkshake that way, but it’s also amazing,) and frozen avocado. Avocado is something else that turns from ripe to yikes in a pretty short period of time, so freezing it’s a great way to save it and have another awesome addition to your smoothies on hand. It doesn’t have much of a taste when you blend it with multiple other flavors, but it’s packed with nutrients and it’s got a creamy texture that works well in a drinkable breakfast!

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