25 Cozy Gifts Under $25 From Amazon That Your Friends Will Absolutely Love

Give the gift of coziness this season with one of these great gifts under $25 that are bound to make friends, family and everyone else on your gift list happy! Secret Santa at work? Snag one of these great gifts from Amazon and steer clear of the crowds this year! No matter who you’re gifting, they’ll thank you for giving them the cozy experience, and you’ll be thankful that it didn’t break the bank.

25 Cozy Gifts Under $25

Note: since this article has been revised multiple times over the past few weeks, there have been price fluctuations that have caused some previous items on the list to jump just over $25. If you catch something on this list that’s just a bit over the limit before we do, please contact us and let us know, and we’ll replace the item with something else equally as awesome and cozy for less than $25!

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For the Tea Lover: Taylors Tea Gift Set

It’s amazing how drinking a hot cup of tea can make us feel so cozy, so quickly. Not only does it warm us up, but depending on the tea, it may also relax us, or even energize us. This gift set of 48 tea bags in an adorable box from Taylors is a perfect gift for the tea lovers in your life.

For the Athlete: Hemp Oil Bath Bombs

This full-spectrum hemp oil bath bomb would be a great gift for anyone who enjoys soaking in the tub. They’re made with 100% hemp seed oil and lavender oils to provide a truly relaxing experience.

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For the Friend Who Loves to Sleep: Cozy Lavender Sleepy Feet Gift Set

Lavender smells amazing and helps relax the body and mind. This gift set comes along with lavender lotion and soft, fuzzy socks.

For The Friend Who Loves to Sleep and Also Loves the Holidays: Reindeer Robe

Give this plush reindeer robe as a gift to your friend who loves the holidays as much as they love to be warm and cozy.

For the Netflix Afficianado: Super Soft Blanket

Who couldn’t use an extra layer of warmth for the long, cold nights this winter? Show someone you care about their wellbeing by giving them a warm, fuzzy blanket.

For The Outdoor Worker: Heated Scarf

Heated scarves make perfect the perfect gifts under $25 for anyone who lives in an area where it gets super cold during the wintertime, or who works outside and would love a way to stay warm on the clock. It’s also a great gift for that one friend who is always cold no matter what.

For Anyone: Yummy Scented Candle

These delicious smelling candles from Benevolence L.A come in gorgeous black and gold gift boxes. If you weren’t already convinced, a percentage of each purchase of these candles is donated to Thorn, an organization that works to end child sex trafficking.

For the Philosophy Student: Artsy Mug

This “Brief History of Art” mug from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild comes in a lovely gift box, no wrapping on your end involved. Yay!

For the Essential Oil Advocate: This Super Awesome 5-in-1 Aromatherapy Device

This device can drastically improve the environment in any home in a matter of minutes. The LED oil diffuser acts a humidifier and fills the house with your favorite scents. The combination of smells and lights is sure to make any night cozier.

For That Friend Who Loves Their Wine: Snoozies

Introducing the fuzzy and super comfortable Snoozies. These make the coziest gifts under $25 for the coffee and wine lover in your life. Who doesn’t want to slip into some of these and sip away? Now they can stay warm and cozy day and night.

Show Them You Loaf Them

Show them how much you care by gifting them with this amazing bread loaf-shaped body pillow. A perfect present for anyone – unless they’re on the keto diet, maybe. Comfort food + comfortable pillow = one of the most awesome cozy gift ideas under $25.

For the Chocolate Lover: Godiva Mug and Chocolate Gift Set

Godiva is the ultimate chocolatier. Based in Belgium, they have shops set up all over the world and offer some of the finest chocolates you can find. Give them the gift of deliciousness with this Godiva mug filled with creamy hot chocolate and candies.

For Your Sibling That Loves Games: The Hygge Game

Hygge is the Danish art of always staying cozy. Get The Hygge Game and enjoy a day of fun, pleasant conversation in front of the fireplace with friends or family.

For the Star Wars Fan: Darth Vader Blanket With Sleeves

For the die-hard Star Wars fan(s) in your life, we present: the Darth Vader sleeved throw blanket. It’s also available in Chewie and Jedi Knight.

For the Coworker Who Always Brings Donuts to the Office: Dunkin Munchkin Lip Balm

Chapped lips can be brutal during the winter time. Help them stay comfortable by preventing cracking with this awesome Dunkin Donuts donut hole lip balm gift set.

For the Camping Fan: Portable Inflatable Couch

This blow-up air hammock/couch from Utebebe would make an awesome gift for that one friend who’s always going to music festivals or on camping trips. Make sure they’re cozy no matter where they are!

For the Friend Who Works From Home: Handmade Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps provide an ambient atmosphere by creating a warm and cozy glow in any room. They make a lovely addition to any desk, whether it be in the office or in a work from home station. IMPORTANT: these aren’t the best gifts for someone with a cat, as they can apparently be very dangerous for them.

For the one With the Cold Hands: Super Soft Texting Gloves With SmartTips Technology

Gloves and texting haven’t mixed very well in the past. But thanks to these C.C unisex gloves with anti-slip and SmartTips technology on index fingers and thumbs, now you can keep their fingers nice and toasty while they tap away on their touchscreens!

For Your Neighbor who Always Orders In: Shrimp-Style Travel Pillow

If you’ve got a friend (or coworker) you know loves their shrimp and being comfortable, why not hit them with this cozy yet hilarious twofer?

For Your Friend (or Family Member) With Cold Feet: Heated Socks

These particular socks come in men’s sizes and make great gifts under $25 for anyone living in an area it drops below freezing in the wintertime. Keep their toes warm and toasty with these great heated thermal socks!

For the Friend With the Long Commute to Work: Beautiful Insulated Travel Mug

If you’re looking for secret Santa gifts for under $25 and you know the person you’re buying for loves their coffee (or tea) this is the perfect present! It keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for several hours.

For Anyone Who Loves Snacks: Popcornopolis Gift Set

When in doubt about the best gift ideas under $25, go with the cheesy and sugary goodness that is a Popcornopolis mixed cone set. It comes with two kettle corn, two caramel corn, two cheddar, and two zebra, which are caramel with a chocolate stripe. This is one gift that would be a welcome addition to every snack lover’s movie night.

For the Crafty Friend: Cozy Craft Book

This book by Adrianna Adarme would be the perfect gift for your crafty friend. This way, they can make all kinds of stuff to keep them cozy!

For the Friend Who Drives a Lot During Winter: Heated Steering Wheel Cover

When you live in a cold area, it’s not uncommon to sit in your car in the morning and shake for several minutes before you’re able to feel your hands enough to move. This heated steering wheel cover will make those mornings a lot easier and more comfortable!

For the one who loves to be Warm and Cozy: Warm and Cozy Candle

The name of this candle says it all. With natural cinnamon, pine, cypress, fir and ginger, it creates a heavenly warm and spicy atmosphere that’s perfect for the cooler months.

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25 cozy gifts under $25 from Amazon

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